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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marie, Jul 25, 2001.

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    Ok. I'm trying to get the report from them. DIFFICULT. for ID they don't wany driver's license, they don't want ss card...

    They want w-2 or current pay stub. I said no.

    I faxed a copy of an old bank statement (tax) w/my name and ssn.

    WHY? their datebase in not relational. They have no names w/ssn.

    They only show ssn.

    And attached to that is inquiries, lost or stolen cards w/other cc's and bk info.

    She said they sell it to cc card issuers (but I think it's more a prescreening device). She kept saying "when you apply for credit they check the number of inquiries w/us"

    In theory it'd be another bk screening tool, but I don't see the big cards using them b/c those of us w/purged bk records get real cards w/out the bk biting us from another source.

    So I'm wondering how well used their database is or isn't.

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