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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Donna, May 26, 2000.

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    Realize this is off-topic, but could anyone give me info/links regarding land contracts--i.e., pros & cons, etc.? I'm feeling daunted by the things I'm reading about how difficult it is to obtain mortgages!

    Getting back ON topic, I got Equifax to drop six negative items (all erroneous, by the way--you guys were right!) from my CR! Have sent a list of challenges to Experian, am *still* awaiting a copy of my CR from TransUnion. If I'm as successful with the other two as I was with Equifax, this will leave me with a BK from 1994 (mostly medical bills from a time when I didn't have insurance.) Any suggestions (in addition to scraping up a downpayment, which I'm working hard to do) as to what I can do to make the mortgage folks look more kindly upon me? I've lived at the same address 10 years, have worked at the same place for five years, have positive items on my CR for car loan, 2 credit cards (one has been paid off and closed at my request), and 1 "store" card, plus have not acquired any new negative scores. Many thanks for helping me learn that knowledge is power!!!

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