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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dani, Mar 21, 2001.

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    Last night my parents wanted to pull their credit reports from Equifax so I registered and set everything up for them. Now to make a long story short, when each of my sisters and I turned 18 my father bought us each a new car. He applied for it on his credit and we were suppose to make the payments. THree out of four of us did that. Last night on my father's credit report there was a deliquency for 31-60 days under his Bank of America - four times. My sister had never paid April and May 2000's payment and never told anyone. Last December my father found out my sister did not make November's payment so he took the car away from her and paid off the entire balance of the loan. Unfortunately, he never knew about April and May's payment not being made since my sister never told any of us. My parents were about to refinance their house, but my Dad's FICO is 649 and my mom's is even lower. My Dad has never been late with anything ever. Is there something we can do? It shows the latest debt being Nov. 2000 and that he has been late four times. I feel so bad for them and it is all because of my sister. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Probably not. Hence why my family thinks I don't want to help anyone, because I refuse to co-sign for any of them.

    Years ago, I cosigned for a friend and got royally screwed. Never again!
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    Thanks Lizardking, you're a genius.
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    I disputed mine for years and years before I finally got it off. It was about 6 years old before I finally got it off.

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