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    Ok, It was cool to post like not. I enjoyed your responses. Thanks again. But you know I give this guy rob/slim person something to do when I post.

    If you havent figured out by now, I have been posting all this time but under another a name as many of you suggested.

    "roni" is no more. Any future post beyond 3/21/01 are by the one and only 'slim/rob/bob..."
    This soap opera has once again been pulled.

    BTW, most of the post in that ridiculous thread of last even were not me. This whole thing is so stupid now it is almost funny. All the silly 1 sentence ones were from the loser. Once again, roni is very happy for all of you who got your scores in the last 4 days and got awesome results.

    For you newbees who are struggling, keep your head up. It does really get better.

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