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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by snuffels, Sep 1, 2003.

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    Ok folks I have a creditor that had 2 accounts on my report. Both accounts had different account #'s.

    One account had an acct # of 10xxx for $789 and it went the full 7 years and was dropped by Equifax as it should of been.

    In August of 2003 this creditor put the $789 back on my report under a completly different account #.

    Now, is there manipulation here or what ? A letter is going out to Equifax 9/2/03 showing them credit documents in what this creditor has done. Yes, I am going to take them to court for sure ut geeting some expert advice out there as to what I can go after them on would be helpful. They also have zero permissable purpose to even be looking at my report and yet Equifax allows them to. Today I have no accounts with them whatsoever and yet Equifax let them pull the wool over their eyes and thought they did the same to me.

    Do I have a case here or what ?? I have all documented in what previous credit reports have shown.

    Thanks for input
  2. Flyingifr

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    To Sue or Not to Sue
    That is the Question.
    Whether tis better to just lie back
    And let the creditors have their way forever;
    Disrupting my life,
    Denying me Credit,
    Costing me valuable FICO points....
    Ahhh.... the question vexes me!

    What saith the Gods of FCRA
    That sit on their asses on high
    In yond never-never land
    Ringed by a moat called the Beltway?

    Yes, tis a violation of your rights
    That Congress in its wisdom hath decreed
    That for seven years alone and no more
    Thou shalt dwell in that Credit Purgatory
    For thy misdeeds,
    And then, like the Jubilee of Old,
    All sins forgive but one,
    That being the sin under Chapter 7
    and then thou shalt dwell in credit heaven.

    But forsooth, there is but one who stands in the way
    That Equifax doth announce
    And that time says it must Renounce;
    But the creditor says "anon, anon,
    Report it on and on and on...."

    The Gods chant "no, no, no
    It's ancient, it must go.
    Mr Amason we have already told
    In a Letter about three years ago in days of old
    That under FCRA the Law
    Section 605(c)(1) we hold in awe
    And One Thousand Dollars be your Claim
    Under Section 616(a)(1) of the same.

    My apologies to William Shakespeare
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    Who would've ever thought that reading about credit repair could make me laugh instead of cry.

    Thank you.

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