Legal Acion to STOP Cross Coun

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Don, Jul 13, 2000.

  1. Don

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    Please e-mail this gentleman regarding your isues with CCB. He is an attorney interested in finding out more about some of the classic ripoff games that CCB plays, in order to take necessary legal steps to finally stop them. Appropriate topics that he is interested in are:

    1. missing payments, or missing statements

    2. new card holders where you were over your limit the minute you got the card due to the fees..

    3. bogus charges and the inability to get them taken off..

    4. harrassing phone calls

    5. games played when trying to close your account...

    Realize that if you simply don't like the way CCB does business, but have not run into any of these types of problems, then for now, there isn't much that can be done.

    Do this, and it will be a big step in the effort to finally bring these bastards to the knees...

    E-mail address:
  2. Heidi

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    RE: Legal Acion to STOP Cross

    I'd be intereseted to find out more about this. I have received CCB card and found out that they charged me 100.00 ap fee 50.00 annual fee all of which started accruing interest before I received my first statement. Now they treat this 100 as an cash advance and charge more ridiculous fees. I tried calling them but you get charged for that too or if you call them not on the 800 line you cannot get to talk to anyone or get names either. They work on first name basis over there I was told. My fees add up to more than the charges in mercahndize and cannot get anyone to adjust anything.
  3. Don

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    RE: Legal Acion to STOP Cross

    Well...e-mail the gentleman mentioned in my first post..:)
  4. Carla

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    RE: Legal Acion to STOP Cross

    I want to know if anyone else has experienced that same problem that I have with CCB. I was late making a payment and they began calling me. They would call 7 or 8 times a day and not leave 2 or 3 messages. (I was at work for the majority of the time they would call.) I was able to determine the number of times they called because their number kept showing on my caller id. The day I called and told them the payment was sent and the rep told me she would make sure I didn't receive any other calls, I received 3 more calls. They would call everyday even after I spoke to them and told them the payment was sent. Is this some kind of harrassment?
  5. Don

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    RE: Legal Acion to STOP Cross


    Typical of the way CCB does business?..absolutely...

    Plase e-mail Larry at with details...
  6. Len

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    RE: Legal Acion to STOP Cross

    According to Cross Country "employees" who seem to be crawling out of the internet woodwork, you agree to be treated as a felon when you apply for their card. They believe you surrender all your rights, as well as your self-respect, the first time you use your Cross Country card. They have a "you deserve to be cheated" attitude toward Cross Country customers and see all their card holders as less than human because of poor credit ratings. Cross Country's a lovely bunch of folks.
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    RE: Legal Acion to STOP Cross

    After 34 months and two cards (Silver Visa, Mastercard), I received my 'account closed/zero balance' letter for the second of the two cards the other day.

    You have no idea how happy I am to finally rid myself of these no good pieces of crap (the cards or the CCB people, take your choice).

    I've never been late. Never had an over the limit. They even agreed to not charge me an annual fee this last year when I was going to cancel the account (then). I don't care, though. I wasn't going to wait around for anything bad to happen.

    I used CCB to begin my rebuilding process. I've got several Platinum cards, a new home loan and two new car leases now. I guess I have to thank them for helping me, but I would not do it again.

    Want to hear something outrageous? They adjusted my account 26 cents so that I didn't have to send a check (and use a 33 cent stamp) to pay the 26 cent balance. That sure was awful nice of them, eh? :)

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