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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Paul, Jun 28, 2000.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Just a few more questions...

    1.) In reading the terms for a number of secured cards, the offers are not valid in the state of Wisconsin and a few others. Any idea why? What happens when you move from one state into one of these states, do they close your account?

    2.) I lost well over a thousand dollars two years ago thanks to someone stealing and forging my checks. I pressed charges, the guy admitted to it in the police statement, was scheduled to appear before the court and was a no show at the hearing. An arrest warrant was issued, however he has disappeared. The case is still open but stagnant. If they ever find him years from now, would the charges expire due to the amount of time that has past? Can I sue him in small claims court, even though he is no where to be found and hasn't actually been convicted? I may be moving to a different state in the relatively near future, will this affect my ability to sue?

    Thanks, Paul.
  2. renae

    renae Guest

    Paul, I live in WI and yes, most of the secured cards are not available to residents here. We have a State Attorney General who is very concerned about consumer issues and has therefore made it very difficult for some companies to do business here. WI has a reputation of having residents who are too trusting (really) and therefore are suckered into alot of scams! So a few years ago he really cracked down. It's frustrating at times but it's because of those same laws, I've been very successful in some of my efforts regarding collection agencies.

    As for what would happen to you current accounts if you moved here--good question. I have no idea. If you are able to find out somewhere else other than this board, please post because I'd be curious to know.
  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Actually, I too live in Wisconsin. I found one card for which this isn't an issue. However, NC residents aren't applicable and as luck would have it we are considering moving to that state.

    I guess I'll just have to make a direct inquiry to the bank. I'll post back if I find anything.

  4. renae

    renae Guest

    RE: Legal Questions--to Paul

    Paul, would you mind telling me which card you found that we can use here in WI? I have a couple but would like one more. Thanks!
  5. Paul

    Paul Guest

    RE: Legal Questions--to Renae

    renae wrote:
    Paul, would you mind telling me which card you found that we can use here in WI? I have a couple but would like one more. Thanks!
    You've probably already seen it, but here it is...
  6. Kathie

    Kathie Guest

    As to #2 question: Verify this with your own state regarding civil suits, but in general you can sue someone civilally for damages suffered because of their criminal act. The most obvious example is O.J. Simpson. You can sue this guy and get a judgement that will follow him indefinately (you'll have to reactivate every ten years or so depending on the state). The police should have his social security number, but again check with your local courts to see what restrictions you might have. As far a moving, I believe you need to sue him in the jurisdiction the damage occurred in, so sue him before you leave. The judgement will still be collectable, you'll just have to stay on top of it. After you get the judgement I'd use one of the $35.00 "find anyone" services and see if you can locate him. Good luck.
  7. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    "Locate" services?

    Most of those "locate anyone" services are a joke! They pull up a telephone cd-rom list and that's it. Hire a professional locator to do the job right. Call your local private investigators and screen them until you find someone who specializes in difficult locates. A good one will use an array of high-tech tools to find someone, not just something you can do yourself for free on the net.

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