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    Is it legal for banks to charge interest on a debt they've already charged-off? I mean, for the company they've charged it off at X amount of dollars, but they expect you to pay Y, which is more than X because of interest. How can this be legal? Is it? Also, is it legal for banks to sell your debt to more than one collection agency? I've gotten swamped by all these different collection agencies via mail lately, all for the same account. Thanks for any help.
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    I believe that it is legal if you signed a contract with them that says something to that effect. Re read your agreement. It is probably in there somewhere.

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    They can sale to different collectors. But.... only one collector can list the debt on your credit report at a time. (Meaning if they sale the debt they must delete it!) You need to get a folder and collect all the letters you get about that account. That way you have proof in your demand to delete from you credit file.

    Letter to the collecto:

    You can write telling them you are aware they are not the authorized agent to collect the acount nor the original creditor Request they delete it ASAP or you will report them to the FDCRA!

    This always works if you have dates!
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    It depends on the state you live in. Just becuase they do something to try to force collection does not mean it is LEGAL .

    The majority of creditors break civil laws ROUTINELY in attempt to collect old or bad debts with no regard to the rights of the consumer.

    Its best to assume that they are breaking civil laws and you will find your credit report maintenence objectives and successes ROCKET through the ROOF.



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