Lender screws up my TU report more

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Oct 9, 2001.

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    I have spent the last 6 months working on my cr's.

    I totally cleaned up Equifax. For the most part Experian. TU I had 3 things left plus the fact that they were reporting the wrong dockett number for the BK13.

    These 3 items had been cleared up by either deletion or $0 bal showing on both Equifax & Experian.

    I ordered the other persons BK info to send to them.

    In the mean time we applied again for a loan. Giving the lender full knowledge of what we were doing with the TU report.

    The lender took it upon herself to send TU our real BK13 paperwork.

    The lender calls & tells me I need to talk to this person at TU cause they don't understand the paperwork. Like that's a big surprise.

    So I call TU this woman has not a clue. She was telling me that I needed a bunch of other BK papers, that I never heard of. That if I couldn't provide them they were going to redo what was on the creditors papers that all ready was $0 bal, plus verify the 3 items that I needed fixed.

    I explained that the other two CRA had all ready verifyed with the companies listed & that the items were deleted or $0 out.

    She tells me that I must have sent them this paperwork & they didn't understand it & Just fixed it.

    I have never sent anyone my BK papers. I merely requested that they up date the info or delete it.

    This TU rep could not beleive that & said the other CRA were in violation....

    Can they change all the accounts that they themselves have been reporting for 3 years as $0 bal.? What about reporting verifyed with out actually contacting the companies of these accounts? Which if they did contact them they would have to either delete or $0 out.

    I can not take much more of this.


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