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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dad0f3, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. dad0f3

    dad0f3 Guest

    Has anyone here used lending tree to get credit?How good are they?THANKS!
  2. lena

    lena Well-Known Member

    They suck if you have tainted credit, watch out about applying online they add inquires each time you apply with them. They are kinda like the middle man, you get a list of pre-approved offers. You may get like 2 or 3, then you apply with the each of the offers again and they too add inquiries to your credit report but you may get denied through the lender even though it shows pre approved through lending tree. I think to probably get a loan you will have to have excellent credit with no lates, chargeoffs and etc.
  3. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Avoid lending tree. They misuse your application by pulling it for each potential lender or match. They will put alot of hits on your credit report(inquiries).

    As, if your credit is not perfect, they dont find any matches for you at all. If you have good credit, you dont need them. They are the worse.


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