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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marie, May 11, 2001.

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    ok, I have 5 accounts that are over 5 years old. One account was open for 7+ years.

    But, on my reports these accounts show "months reviewed" as being 12 mos, 3 mos, 4 mos, etc. so my old closed accounts look like they weren't aged much. My currently open accounts are pretty accurate, except for ATT which shows 8 mos not 26. Ugh. No wonder my Fico wacked me on length of time the accounts have been open.

    I've gotten conflicting information from Equifax over what the category is supposed to be.
    Is it the length the account has been open? Date closed (or current reporting date) less the opening date = #months?

    Or is it only the number of months with activity?

    Or something else?????

    I was denied by Citgo for an account and they used Equifax. I was told if I only had 3 accounts open 24 months or longer then I would've gotten the account. Now, if you look at the report (and the dates) you certainly can add it up and see I have it.

    But who does that? I think they just look at months reviewed... and my latest accounts are only 17 months old... and bingo, I even got a manual denial.

    Anyway, I'm just wanting clarification on:

    how is the lenght on an account showed?

    What is used for computing account length?

    and if anyone knows (eg: Jason the great Amex insider)... what is used either in the scoring models or in a manual review?

    Months reviewed??? or does the model / loan company software do the account aging itself?

    I never thought to look at this, but my Fico score really hit me on this one. It was my second reason code (after the bk) so it must be affecting the score dramatically.

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