Let meget this straight....

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShotCredit, Apr 1, 2001.

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    pardon tje typo.

    As a PERMANENT resident of Credit Hell, I despise this mess. I am NOT the kind with the PATIENCE to dispute these claims.
    Now I got my first credit report online today and boy a I SCREWED... :-(

    First of all, the jerks (at Experian) have every address I've lived at since about 1989 on there. What the HELL?

    Second, there is a variation of my Soc Sec #. the last digit 3 digits are 219. There is a "variation" with 215. Beautiful. No wonder I look like a FRAUD.

    Third, it shows ALL my last names (I'm on husband #3). This is not good either but I can pick some losers.

    Fourth, it shows my spouse as:


    Hell, I might as well file for BANKRUPTCY. This is COMPLICATED.

    HELP!! PLEASE somebody give me some advice!!

    Can Junum even help me?
    (It was so encouraging when the people at Debticated - like CCCS - suggested a bankruptcy lawyer).

    Someone -- please -- give me advice. Preferably someone who has been to Many Marriage Land.

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    Re: Let meget this straight...


    re old addresses - dispute it as "inaccurate" - they will just delete it - they don't care about addresses enough to verify.

    SSN - send a copy of your SS card. state that anything else is an "error"

    spouses - "outdated information"

    names - send the a list of names you wish to be listed on your report, tell them the others are "mistakes" or "inaccurate".

    I would be careful, though. Getting a deletion this way is not illegal,but deliberately feeding them a lie is fraud, and it is a chance I do not take.

    I have no problem with pointing CRA's in another direction, or not telling them everything - indeed, you should "tell" them nothing, you can be digging a hole for yourself, but I would be wary of committing fraud. It may not bother your conscience, with all the crap they do to us with no conscience, but, who knows when they will decide to go after someone? I avoid crossing that line.

    So, all you have to do initially, is type 4 letters, one for each of these entries. I would do them one at a time, send in proof of ID each time - your driver's license is usually enough. If they don't have your phone number don't put it on the letter. Include a copy of the report and highlight what you are talking about. There are forms for disputing, and a ton of information here:


    It is not as bad as you think, it just takes time and effort. I tried to use Lexington in 1995 and it wasn't effective. Other folks say it's great. Don't know about Junum. I did all mine myself, without telling any lies. You can do a search of the board and see what people say about Lexington and Junum, if you would rather pay someone to do it for you.

    I've been through bankruptcy - my husband died after a long illness, and it was unavoidable. My opinion is, don't do it unless you have no other choice - i.e. a creditor wins a judgment and starts to take your paycheck. There are too many other ways to deal with this.

    If you elect to do it yourself, join this group also:

    I wish I had known about them when I was doing mine.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Let meget this straight...


    It's not hopeless. Yes, it's complicated but believe me, it'll be worth a little effort to get the info revised.

    Breeze has some VERY good info - listen to her. I have variations of my name of my credit reports(I'm on husband #2). And Experian has like 25 different addresses! I know they have all corrected my name. I'm using Junum and they are listing my entire name, first, middle and last. When all of this is over, make sure you apply for credit the same way every time and you won't have all the variations on your report.

    DEFINATELY get that bad SSN off.

    I think you should do this first, before you go to an agency like Junum or Lexington. These are easy. Let them work on the hard stuff.

    As for Junum, if you do a search, you'll find many success stories. I have one of my own. I'm giving them 6 months. Enough time for 3 rounds of disputes.

    They've already TOTALLY revamped my Equifax report. TU is being VERY difficult. Experian wasn't all the bad to start, but they're not being very cooperative either.

    Good luck

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