Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Alwilda Sm, Nov 1, 2000.

  1. Alwilda Sm

    Alwilda Sm Guest

    Does anyone know if the CRAs attempt to verify disputed judgements with the appropriate Public Records Office, or with the entity to whom the judgement was originally awarded?

    (In my case, the CRA entry should go away on its own in a couple of years. If they were to contact the creditor, I would be afraid that it would be like stirring up a bee's nest.)


    Alwilda Smith
  2. pat

    pat Guest

    they verify judgement with the court, not the creditor
  3. pat

    pat Guest

    they verify judgements with the court, not the creditor
  4. Alwilda Sm

    Alwilda Sm Guest

    Hmmm, it seems like a good time to dispute a judgement would be around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays when most of the government workers are screwing-off. Maybe this would be a good strategy to beat the 30-day rule.

    Alwilda Smith
  5. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    that's what i heard AS
  6. pat

    pat Guest

    sorry, no.

    Judgements are available online. One has but to check a website.
  7. Crdt Dfnse

    Crdt Dfnse Well-Known Member

    Generally, Howeverâ?¦

    Your statement is more applicable to creditors rather than judgments. Albeit not because workers are playing but because November and December are traditionally tough months to collect in, and since collections (departments) usually handle CBR disputesâ?¦

    Most (if not all) court clerks, on the other hand, are a disciplined lot; it doesnâ??t matter with these folks.

    Keep The Faith,
    Anthony Villaseñor
  8. CCMax

    CCMax Guest

    Question for Pat

    Just curious. My husband has a judgment on his CR and we have no idea what it is about, we've never been served and can't find this company that supposedly sued him. Can't even figure out what it is based on the amount of money $2000. Short of going back to NY during a weekday (the courts won't mail us the documents,we've tried to get the docket through Westlaw and Lexis Nexis, and nothing comes up. What website would you be talking about where one could find judgments?

    pat wrote:
    Judgements are available online. One has but to check a website.
  9. CCMax

    CCMax Guest

    We are disputing of course

    Still awaiting results.
  10. pat

    pat Guest


    search judgements by name & state.

    e mail me the name & let me take a crack at it.

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