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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BostonJeff, Jul 23, 2001.

  1. BostonJeff

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    Does anyone have a sample of a letter than can be used to plead your case when turned down for a card?

    Is it best to write or talk to the credit dept directly? In this case it is a Norstroms card. My fico is 615, approaching 3 years since BK, with a clean record since and re-built credit.

  2. dlo64

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    I would call and ask to speak to a supervisor. Be persistant about talking to a supervisor. Ask to have the denial overridden by having the supervisor take a look at your report (they should still have it in their files). Explain your situation and you may be able to get the denial overridden. Some companies will do this, others have a policy of not doing this, it depends on the company.

    Give it a try. If that proves fruitless, try writing as sometimes writing will work when the phone call will not.
  3. amaineman

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    If writing you might try going through planet feedback, with some companies this brings you to their "fix-it" department.

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