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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by TxMommy, Mar 27, 2001.

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    Hi everyone! I have 5 collections on my credit all for medical bills and all have been paid as agreed! I tried to dispute them with the credit bureau to have them removed but they came back verified (they are all 3-5 yrs old). I have also called the collection company to see if they would remove them and was told no.

    I would like to write the collection agency a letter and try to appeal to their hearts! Having all 5 of these listed is killing my score even though many were related (ex: I had a baby; one acct is my hospital bills, another acct is the baby's bills). It is sort of duplicate stuff, and since it was all paid totally as agreed I'm hoping that they will help me out. But, I'm not sure what to say since I have no bargaining power (pd in full).

    Does anyone have any ideas?? Thank you so much....

  2. Collector

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    If the collection is a valid one then you cannot have it removed. You have done the best and only thing you can--paid in full. Paying them does not remove the collection record from your report. Sorry. Other than that just wait a few years until they fall off your CBR.
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    But shouldn't they at least consider consolidating some of the accounts so it doesn't look like 5 seperate items when they are all linked to the same medical occurance? It would help me tremendously to only have 1 or 2 collection accounts as opposed to 5.

    Also, when I received the bills from the hospital, I promptly called them and let them know I would be unable to pay them all in full. The hospital a/r person asked if I could pay in 2 installmenst. I apologized that I could not, but would be glad to make payments of $100 per month. She said that was fine, to call this number to make arrangements. I was never really informed it was a "collection" agency. I stupidly thought it was just for their extended billing cases or something.

    I just feel like I did do the right thing and it really doesn't matter. I get no benefit for doing the right thing. Just doesn't seem fair...
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    Thanks LizardKing for your post. I have been thinking about going with Junum. I think I will give it a try!

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