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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by texastrini, Apr 9, 2001.

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    I just read the letter that was returned to Dave.

    At first it was laughable. At second glance--it's clever.

    Also keep in mind the letter is at par on the skill/intelligence level of the checkers and first level reviewers.

    My initail respone was stated to Dave in a email:
    It is indeed laughabile but something about it seems effective and defintely displays enough disgust to solicit
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    My opinion of the letter. The content (in terms of what is being said) is not that bad. But the grammatical errors are a bit over the top. Most uneducated adults know how to write complete sentences, particularly in a correspondence letter that they feel is important.

    The content doesn't bother me, but the run on sentences are pretty bad. I'm sure Lexington knows what they are doing and have obviously had pretty good results with this type of letter.

    No rhyme or reason to what gets investigated and what gets flagged (a professional letter or an "idiot" letter can get you any results). Just like there is no rhyme or reason to our FICO scores also. It is just a screwed up system where minimum wage employees have to power to ruin us financially. Pretty scary!!!

    Just my 2 cents...

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    Can you e-mail me a copy?


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    Sorry, I didn't mean to call you Roni. For some reason I thought she initiated this
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    I'd really love to see a copy of this letter as well, especially since I did use Lexington's services for several months.

    If anyone can help, my address is dkneffjr@mindspring.com

    Thanks much.
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    I just read it too and I find it hard to believe that Lexi would send out such junk.

    It's one thing to act like a consumer when you write to the CRA but to insinuate such threats seems counterproductive.

    My only summary on this is that Lexi is paying work at home people to type and send the letters postmarked from various cities and therefore cannot review each letter before they go out.

    The person who typed this may have just been a freelance work from home person with little writing skills.

    I cannot believe that Lexi would base the foundation of their entire operation on this type of set up. Do we know for sure that this was in deed a Lexi letter?
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    Would you e-mail it to me please?
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    Re: Me Too!

    I would think Lexington would not want the letter sent out to a zillion people. Not that I care, but please be respectful if you have a copy. "Free" letters are one thing but this is somewhat different. Lexington never posted that letter as "public domain" it was returned as non deliverable in USMail. Just my thoughts. -Dave
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    My thoughts on the letter:

    I think Jason is right to defend the letter on merit of getting the job done. This letter
    says what it needs to say and nothing more. The only sad thing I find about it is the
    idea that this may be Lexington's and the CRAs view of the average American's
    communication abilities.

    If this is indeed an average customer dispute, our nation is in deep trouble.

    Like someone mentioned, I'd hate to run for public office one day and have some
    tabloid journalist post this letter "from" me as evidence of my writing abilities.


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