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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Candi, Aug 22, 2001.

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    Thanks to everyone who answered my questions on a earlier post. Lexington did email later and said the "complete" program includes the following: FICO reconditioning and credit coaching. I still don't know what that means exactly. My sister just signed up for it, she was already a eclient for the last two months but wanted quicker results. I will keep everyone posted as to what results she gets with the Lex. complete, if you are interested. $500 down and $150 for 6 months so I hope she gets good results. Right now she has:
    Chrysler auto repo. balance after sale $3200
    Ford auto repo. balance after sale $1652
    Sears charge off had balance $2100
    collection acct. for medical bills $354
    visa card $1900
    and 1 other collection that I can't remember for $700
    All these have unpaid balances so it will be interesting to see what gets done, and how it gets done. I'm sure she going to have to pay these off.
    Thanks everyone,

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