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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by anita, Jul 14, 2000.

  1. anita

    anita Guest

    I have retained the services of Lexington Law Firm to help repair my credit. Is this an alright thing to do? Are they what they say they are?
  2. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    One of my daughter's friends used their online client service. She said they got results for her, but they ignored all her questions and emails. She had no idea what they were doing, but whatever it was seemed to have been working. She finally dropped them because she just couldn't get any answers from them about her account.

    I've read many other posts here that said about the same thing, but I don't recall anyone being dissatisfied with Lexington's work.
  3. Jayson

    Jayson Guest

    I work for Lexington and, I must say, you give us some great feedback.

    We have recently revamped our client relations paralegal group to upgrade our level of client service. We're answering all inquiries and emails within 24 hours.

    As you noted, our service is very effective.

    Now, we've heard your consumer feedback and we're knocking ourselves out to rearrange our firm as per your suggestions.

    If anybody out there has direction or suggestions for our firm, we're all ears. Please post your comments here. We're committed to giving you the service you want.

    Many thanks for your honest feedback.
  4. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    What can I say? I'm impressed! It's nice to see a post like yours.

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