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    I decided on Lexington because of the time factor. I did all of my own disputes but just couuldn't find the time to "take it home". I originally started out with about 23 Tax liens on TU and Experian, and about 8 on Equifax. There were also a few collection accounts and a secured card I've had since 1994 with several 30+ and 60+ lates. When I signed up with Lexington in May, I was able to reduce the liens on my own to 7 on TU, 2 on Experian and 0 :) on Equifax (Equifax is clean. No need for Lex). I had release letters from all of the CC's(before hiring Lex) and even managed to put a Capital One card with a whooping $200 limit on last July (increased in May to $750.00, thanks Mr. M).Basically, Lexington was to dispute 7 liens on TU, 2 liens on Ex, and the cc late payments on both TU and Ex.

    Here's Lexingtons first round results:

    TU: All liens verified. The credit card has been deleted from my file. I asked my consumer advocate at Lexington why it was removed. It was stated that they disputed it as a collection account. Huh? I've had this account for 7 years and still use the card. The card was never in collection. He said it was a mistake. Maybe somebody can help me with this one. I disputed this card as "never late" on Equifax a few years ago and it was deleted. Never reappeared. The card company was just bought out by another bank and I will be issued a new card by months end. Does the new bank report the payment history of the old provider?

    Experian. All liens and late payments verified.

    I asked my ca if they would immediately dispute the same items again since that is all that needs to be done on my file. I was told that they like to wait at least a few months before re-disputing. Funny thing because I specifically asked the question to Lexingtons customer service regarding the ability to re-dispute immediately in which I was told they do. I was offered by Lexington the feature of putting my account on hold for a few months until I was (or in this case, Lexington) ready to re-dispute.

    Lexington was very prompt and professional in their services. I think I was hoping for more but didn't get it. I think I will call Lex tommorrow and put the account on hold until I see what happens with the new bank and give the liens a few months rest.

    That's all.


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