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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Alex, Sep 9, 2000.

  1. Alex

    Alex Well-Known Member

    Ok, here is the summary on my 3.5 months relationship with Lexington... I am very, very impressed:

    TransUnion - 11 challenged, 9 deleted, including 2 judgements, and a REPO!!!!

    Equifax - 4 challenged, 3 deleted

    Experian - 6 challenged, 4 deleted, includes a REPO!

    Way to go... I am very very impressed...No, I don't work for Lexington, and this is not an ad....BTW, does anybody knows if these things can ever go back on my reports?

  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Yes they can. They can come back when and if the creditor decides the verify the debt. The CBA probably will notify you even though the FCRA says that they have to.
  3. Steve S.

    Steve S. Guest

    Are you on the $75 or $35 per month program?
    Also, how long was the time frame from when you joined to when you had your corrected reports in hand?

    Congrats on your results!

    Steve S.
  4. alison

    alison Guest

    Yes, the items can be reinstated on your report. If the creditors update their records next month (or any other following months to come), it will reapear on your files.
  5. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    what is there web address?
  6. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    My daughter's friend who is on the $35 per month e-client program has seen some great results from Lexington. However, they absolutely will not answer your questions or communicate with you in any form or fashion. All emails are ignored. They do only two things: dispute negatives on your credit reports and take your money.

    This program isn't for inquiring minds. If you like surprises, it could be perfect for you. You'll eventually find out what's going on with your account when your updated credit reports arrive.

    Even if you do decide to have Lexington or anyone else handle your situation, keep in mind that credit repair doesn't happen overnight. Be prepared to pay the monthly fees for at least a year, and that's for ideal cases.
  7. Pat

    Pat Guest

    RE: Lexington

    if Lexington Law Firm doesn't respond, file a complaint with the Utah state bar. Lexington's lawyers are :
    Victor Lawrence (Utah bar ID # 04492) and
    James Mickelson (Utah bar ID # 04375). You can contact the bar via e mail:

  8. Kirk

    Kirk Guest


    Actually, I've been using Lexington for about 3 months now with great results. I am on the $35/month plan also. I have had to email them 3 times and have received an email reply each time within a week (& each time from a different person). There was one email that I sent them and after not receiving a response I resent it and 2 days later got a reply with the answer to my question and an apology for not answering the earlier message. Obviously the response times aren't going to be as quick as with the $75/month plan but I've been very satisfied so far. You might want to have your daughters friend try one more time.

  9. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    To date, she's sent in over twenty emails. Only one received a reply, but they didn't answer her question. Although the firm does do some good work by saving people some major headaches in dealing with the CRAs, I think it's a shame that they refuse to communicate with their customers.

    The communication problem has been the subject of quite a few posts on this board, so it's obviously a widespread problem. I'm not sure, however, if any of those people were on the $75 plan.

    Does anyone know if Lexington answers the emails of its $75 customers?
  10. jason

    jason Well-Known Member


    I do work for Lexington and thanks for the kudos. We're also right on top of the communications issues that have been brought up. (I know I've been saying that for a month, but in that month we've doubled our staff to meet your needs declared on this BBS.)

    By the way, you can call us too at 800-341-8441 (we no longer charge for call-ins even for eClient - $35 - memberships.)

    In answer to your question: technically the credit bureaus occasionally re-report listings, but that's typically isolated to Trans Union. After a couple weeks, though, you're probably in the clear.

    Re-reporting of deleted listings is way overstated. It doesn't happen all that often. You should know by now whether or not they came back on. Let us kow.

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