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  1. arteagle

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    What is the word on lexington. Are they slow pokes or good business people? Compare them to other credit repair companies.

  2. bigboy

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    from what i've been able to gather on the boards i frequent, this one in particular, Lexington sounds like a solid company that's worth the retainer. i know they've had some customer service problems in the past b/c people have posted about that here. but to Lexington's credit they have been frequenting this board and studying the criticisms, and it now appears that they've resolved all of those issues.

    like i said, this is largely based on the feedback here. i don't have any personal experience with them so i can't vouch for them. if i had to retain a law firm to help with my credit, i'd definitely consider them first.

    'nuff said!
  3. jason

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    You have no idea how big an impact this board has made on Lexington. I appreciate your acknowledgement.

    In the last eight months, Lexington has expanded it's customer service capacities by a factor of four. As a result, Lexington clients are staying with the firm longer, participating more in the program, and seeing much greater results.

    The feedback of this board has been the blueprint for these changes.

    Thanks, guys.

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