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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by California, Sep 21, 2000.

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    My question - Have I just been lucky or is this normal?

    In 1999, I had a foreclosure and a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to an injury that had me out of work for a year. I returned to my job in April 1999 and kept 2 dept. store cards and my Capital One Visa card. * visa cards were discharged in the bankruptcy. As the B.K. is in California, I got to keep $80,000 in retirement (401K) money.

    After I had been back on the job for 1 week, I borrowed $5,000 from a relative and used it as a down on a new Ford truck. Ford gave me a $19,000 loan at 2.9%. (Yes 2.9% not 29%.) I have obtained 2 credit union unsecured visa cards with a $1000 limit each. Capital One turned my visa card into a Gold card with a $3,000 limit without me having to apply.

    So now my credit score is 640 and rising. The Credit Union showed it to me. I make payments on 3 Visa cards, 2 Dept Store Cards and 1 auto loan every month. It has been 18 months since discharge of the B.K.

    Have I just been lucky? I make 65,000 a year and am worried about my past credit problems if I try to change jobs. Please comment

    Sincerely, Califoria Guy.

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