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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jonesing, Apr 11, 2001.

  1. jonesing

    jonesing Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I asked for some opinions/recommendations for a card for my friend who has a limited credit profile: one Visa/$1000 limit/5 years tenure; Macys/$500 limit/3 years on and off and a Sears/$500 limit/3 years. I mentioned the Amex SkyMiles card to her but the annual fees kinda turned her off since she doesn't pay for that much using plastic--*when* she spends money, it's usually cash.

    Well we went to Target today to get some gear for her summer trip. I read about people getting approved for Target and figured it was worth a shot for her--especially with the 10% discount. She had her application filled out when we got to the register and the clerk was really happy because my friend was her 10th app today. She calls over the head cashier who looked all of 19 years old and checked my friend's ID *at length* because although my friend is 25, she looks about 14. Anyway the head cashier says she'll be back in about 5-10 minutes (she sounded skeptical). Three minutes later she comes out of the little office and tells my friend "Congradulations!" (she seemed REAL impressed). The checker is even happier now because she gets some kind of bonus/brownie points.

    My friend didn't even look at the temp card they gave her, she was just happy she saved about $20 off her stuff! So of course I had to ask her what her limit was (so I could share with you all ;-) She got a $900.00 limit!!!!
  2. Mirage

    Mirage Well-Known Member

    No wonder the manager was surprise- jeeze $900.00


    Best regards,

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    $700 WAS THE HIGHEST...
    Now she wins with $900...

    Just about EVERYBODY gets $200!!!
  4. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    Being a Target Employee, I have seen credit limits as high as $1500 instantly. Yes, most people are approved for less than $500, but who really spends that much at Target anyways?

  5. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

  6. jonesing

    jonesing Well-Known Member

    Erica - heh heh funny you should ask. A guy I work with is getting married over Memorial Day w/e. He and his fiancee are registered at Target and let me tell you, they get TOWELS from me!! NOT the DVD player, not the Playstation2 or even the handheld computer from me! Not for a wedding! You should see the stuff these people have requested!

    As for my friend with the new Target card, I hed to tell her to wait for the first statement before making that full balance payment...geez, the girl wanted to know how soon she should go make her payment at the service desk!
  7. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    actually target has a pretty good online e-statement system, tell her to sign up there!
  8. mj

    mj Well-Known Member

    I've had my target 'account' for about 13 years ... Long before the Target card was introduced, you could have an separate Target account under your Marshall Fields, Daytons, or Hudsons card.

    My Target limit now is $5,700. I think my Marshall Fields is at $12,000. They're quite generous with increases after you've had the card a few years.

    God knows why anyont would spend that much at 21%, but maybe the Target Visa will offer some good rewards and/or lower rates.

  9. mj

    mj Well-Known Member

    ...I forgot to add, since I didn't include any of my consumer debt in my BK back in 95, they weren't affected by it at all. They do pull soft inquiries every 6 months or so, but never a hard one. I guess they don't care about the BK on file... which is one of the reasons I use it and stay loyal to them (plus they have cool stuff at great prices).

  10. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    $5700 at Target? Now that's just WILD! I've had a Hudsons/Target (same as your Marshall Fields) and I' went through credit counseling a year ago. I included them. They told me that after I completed the program, they'd re-open my account. They did.

    I went from $300 CL to $1100 in the last few months. Target has been stingy. They won't increase me, but Hudson's keeps on doing it. I called Target and asked for an increase and the lady was like, "Only $100 dollars". I thought, "that sucks". But I look it. Haven't used it. I bought some things at Target when I moved (it was a lifesaver, believe me!) and I've been paying on time for the last year now.

    Don't know what gives. I've been a customer for 5 years now, but I guess they remember my counseling situation and are afraid. But WHY give me Hudson's increases? They have a LOT more expensive things there.
  11. jonesing

    jonesing Well-Known Member

    Looks like if you activate your in-store approved Target card for online access, they give you another 10% discount! I just hope she doesn't start buying out the store now! LOL
  12. Leslie

    Leslie Guest

    So, what does getting a $700 limit mean for me? I know they pulled Experian but don't know my Experian score. Does $700 bode well for me?

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