Limit on # of Equifax Investigation

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tlcampbe, Oct 26, 2001.

  1. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member


    I just tried to check the status of my online Equifax investigation and I got a screen that stated that I couldn't do any other online investigations. What the heck!!

    I only had 2 invesigations going on from Oct. 1st. Has anyone else encountered this problem before?

  2. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    There are a few posts on that subject on this board. You can find them by going to the search box below.

    I've never had the problem myself because I make the creditor or the collection agency take them off for me rather than trying to fiddle with the credit bureaus. Works a lot better that way.

    Them credit bureaus don't seem to take too kindly to folks or credit repair companies trying to "fix" their credit so they put limits on the number of disputes one can make and pull lots of other nasty stunts trying to keep people from fixing their credit. Maybe they need to wake up and realize that people are going to find a way to get done what they have to get done regardless of the preventative measures the credit bureaus take to keep it from happening.

    It's a never ending battle with the little guy being the loser as usual.
  3. KHM

    KHM Well-Known Member

    You just need to give it a few more days, mine says that every once in a while and if I give it a day or so it will let me start with the next one. I think they might be trying to limit them to once a week.
  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    When you were "checking" you online status, did you enter the same report#? Yes, they will limit those, but if you have a different report# you can start a new investigation.

    If you want a real status check, call them...
  5. debtfree

    debtfree Member

    This board isnt a place to solicite your business.
  6. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    Actually, the links are to the FTC website and to the letters and questions on this site. You can hover your mouse over the links and see that plain as day.

    Others have solicited here, and they still post. What's the difference?
  7. chelechele

    chelechele Well-Known Member

    hE HE...others have solicited and gotten their asses kicked all over the place...huh Erica??? Remember creditmamma??? OOOHHH LORD that was fun!!! LOL
  8. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    I could not agree more!
  9. chelechele

    chelechele Well-Known Member

    Bkev...what do you do??
  10. SofaKing

    SofaKing Well-Known Member


    If you are referring to Bkev's links, perhaps you should look more carefully before you hit "Submit Reply".

    They are all links to government sites. And there is one good link to free forms posted on this very site.


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  11. OtherTerri

    OtherTerri Well-Known Member

    Bkev- Thanks for the links! Very helpful.
  12. chelechele

    chelechele Well-Known Member

    Crimeny!!! Jeeze Sofa..... LOL
  13. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    For a day job? I'm an advertising consultant...
  14. chelechele

    chelechele Well-Known Member

    Um.....more information...
  15. tlcampbe

    tlcampbe Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. I did call them and they had no clue what I was talking about.

    As I said above I started an investigation on 10/1 and so far nothing. I did try with a newer report number and it let me see the screen with the current investigations. Why are they so slow!! Geez, at least TransUnion and Experian has been dibbling out updates here and there since the 1st.

    I have heard squat from Equifax. This credit report cleaning is addictive. Everyday I cannot wait to log on to Creditexpert to see if my score has changed. I think I need professional help. :)
  16. OtherTerri

    OtherTerri Well-Known Member

  17. bbauer

    bbauer Banned


    You need to copy and paste all that in your signature line and then change colors on each line and provide links to the FTC and other governmental websites so people got something to click on.

    You could become LINKKING if you did that.
  18. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Sofa: I don't have to tell you to ignore him right? :)

    Imagine that.... negative comments about providing links to free information comes from Mr. Self-Promotion himself! Bill, exactly why do you fear the truth so much? Do you hear the cash register ringing less? Or are you afraid of getting reported to the OK Attorney General and the FTC for all your violations of the CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATIONS ACT?

    The Truth is a Virus!
  19. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    What Business?

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