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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Lanoro, Aug 17, 2000.

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    Hello, I am in the process of cleaning up my credit. My problem is that I have one negative account still remaining on Experian and Trans Union. My Equifax report is very clean and has a lot of R1's and so on. It's going to take me a few more months to come up with the cash to pay off the above-mentioned account. So what I am trying to d mean while is to apply for credit cards in which the banks will most likely use Equifax. I had found a list from creditmania, which shows which banks use which CRA's. Now I am wondering just how accurate this list could be? Also would anyone know of any other bankcards that use Equifax? I am located in Los Angeles CA, as I have been told that sometimes it is determined where you live. Thanks for your time!

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    RE: List of Banks that use cer

    It's as good a list as you're going to find. However, many creditors hold membership in all three CRAs, and they rotate their sources for inquiries. After checking my own credit reports, I've noticed that Discover and the Nordstrom Visa are the listed inquiries unique to Equifax. You can apply for them at and at

    I opened my Visa account at Nordstrom to replace my People's Bank card, and I think I'm going to like them a lot.
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    RE: List of Banks that use cer

    Doris, your recommendation of Nordstrom Visa while leaving me to believe they have excellent customer service, doesn't detract that this is a co-branded card and as is usually the case do not come near to offering the low APR's of such banks as Wachovia, NextCard and yes People's. Or is it that you just like the company so much that you don't mind paying their standard 18.40% APR (perhaps they offered you a lower rate?).

    Actually I've never stepped foot into one of their stores, there are none in Miami, actually there are none in New York though I have seen them in some malls in Jersey. I notice they own something called Faconnable Boutique one of which is on Fifth Avenue, personally I do nothing but gawk when I come across those "haute couteaur" places, the one's where I won't dare step foot into unless I had at least your 100k Cap 1 card keeping me safe :)

    Kinda surprised about Discover, would've figured a premium company such as that would check at least 2 if not all 3 of the CRA's.
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    RE: List of Banks that use cer

    don't be fooled by Nordstrom's outward high-class appearance...I live in Washington DC and, just outside in Virginia, there's a, yes, Norstrom outlet store.

    By the way, I moved here from Indianapolis where there's a Nordstrom. A Nordstrom in Indianapolis? Believe it!
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    RE: List of Banks that use cer

    One of the reasons I like my Nordstrom Visa is that I was able to apply by phone and talk to a real person, and I was able to get a better interest rate. I talked them down to 8.8 until July of 2001 and 10.9 thereafter.

    I'm more of a Target and Wal-Mart gal, and the only Nordstrom I've ever been to is in Dallas. I live in a small town just outside Houston, and I don't think there are any Nordstrom stores in Houston. I think one is opening soon in San Antonio. Wherever they are, they're too damned expensive for my tastes. Nordstrom does have its own credit card bank-Nordstrom National Bank, so it's not one of those cheesy co-branded First USA or MBNA cards.

    As far as Discover is concerned, I just applied and received my card a couple months ago. My CSC/Experian report is the only one that shows an inquiry from Discover.
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    RE: List of Banks that use cer

    I applied for an AT&T Universal card in May - they only pulled Equifax. Household Credit only pulled Equifax too.

    SFNB only pulled Equifax. They've got a good rate too -
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    RE: Thank you for the info eve

    I'll be applying for some of these cards next week.

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