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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by brian71, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. brian71

    brian71 Well-Known Member

    Just some random commentary since I am logged on here at the board...

    When I defaulted on my student loan years ago, and then made additional poor choices about my credit, I was no longer able to attain any credit cards. I used my Check Card VISA through my checking account for EVERYTHING over the past few years.

    Even hotels, vacations, large purchases, whatever. I just had to deal with the fact that I was always spending cash. Sometimes I would have to wait for a purchase, or was inconvenienced here and there, but I gradually learned to live with it.

    I guess there are probably tons of people in my mindset, but the *only* reason I want credit cards in the future is to help my credit scores, I dont even want to *use* them, LOL. Not even for emergencies...I have learned to save cash reserves for emergencies, and to NEVER spend more than what I have.

    I would love to hear from other people,,,if they have been affected in the same way, etc.

    :D - B r i a n
  2. gsmith

    gsmith Member

    I have also due to past BK7. The only problem that I've had is that car rental agencies will not accept my VISA check card. This irritates me because there's plenty of money in the account and the card does have the VISA logo. Have you had to rent a car? How did you do it?

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

  4. brian71

    brian71 Well-Known Member

    gsmith, I have never had a problem EVER using my Visa check card (BofA) for car rentals, flights, anything, except for ONE HOTEL one time in Baltimore, so I just got cash from the ATM in their lobby and took care of it.

    GEORGE, I hear what you are saying, and one of my friends thinks the same way. She manages her cards so well, that she does MUCH better than paying in cash for things. I also *love* the idea of rewards (hotels, air, cash rewards, etc.) but in my current mindset, I just need to stay away from ccs :)

    p.s. the car rental I use is Enterprise

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Were you staying that took CASH???

    I had a friend (BACK HOME) who did not have a credit card...he went through the WHOLE PHONE BOOK and never could rent a car...even if the had $1,000 CASH AGAINST A WEEKLY RENTAL OF $200!!! I HAD TO RENT IT FOR HIM WITH HIM AS A CO-RENTER...
  6. brian71

    brian71 Well-Known Member

    I travel occasionally for work, and on vacation. For work, they require that we get our own Amex (ugh I cant qualify LOL) or just take care of it ourselves. So I learned to take care of it using my VISA check card.

    My typical hotels to stay at are as follows:

    The rental I use is always

    I am not sure why I never have problems :) For once, I must have *good* luck, LOL! One thing though, is that whenever a web-based form asks is this a check card, I *never* check that box, and act as if it is just a standard Visa credit card.

    The hotel that I had a problem with was a REGENCY SUITES hotel.

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