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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. Momof3

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    I read your earlier question. I received a preapproval from Amex for the green card, they had screened my Experian report. All my reports have all the same info, although I don't know exact score for Experian, my Equifax was 677. I was told by a rep that green required 1-2 12 month tradelines in good standing and no deliquencies.
  2. Jason-AMEX

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    You do not know until you actually get the card and call credit authorizations. But keep in mind that purchases that go "over that limit" can be approved as well.
  3. DaveLV

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    Back in the days when I had a green card, whenever I used it for something really expensive and the transaction was declined electonically, I would have someone do a telephone authorization.

    The authorizer would usually ask to speak to me to confirm my identity and then would always approve the transaction. I can't recall anything ever being declined.
  4. Mirage

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    DaveLV is correct. I too remember in the old days, a transaction can be flagged down and the merchant would have to call Amex cs for approval. For me it was a purchase at a store that I have never been to and amounted to more than $1000.00

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