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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LoFico, Apr 10, 2001.

  1. LoFico

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    Can anyone offer some advice? I have seen lizardking solve some doosies on this board so here goes. I sent in a dispute with transunion re: a bk, they took it off first go around. Experian did not. They say it was verified. I'm still waiting to hear from Equifax. So I repeated my dispute with Experian on april 4th. I just got a letter from them dated the same day, stating my file was noted as "disputed by consumer". So I called them and the lady said no re-investigation was launched because it was just investigated last month. She also said they have to pay a real person $50.00 to go to the courthouse and look at the records to verify. I almost laughed. So why was it taken off off transunion last month if they verified but not off experian. It's like bizzaro world or something. So at present, no new investigation without new evidence. What can I do if anything??? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best regards:)
  2. Hal

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    Transunion may have removed it, just to avoid paying someone to verify the information. The $50.00 fee may be hefty for checking an individual record, but I do know that when they do verify, someone has to be paid to go and view the records.
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    You guys are awesome. If my wife baked I would send you a pie! Thanks
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    Demand proof that it was verified. They lie and say they verify when they sometimes don't. They may also call, and the creditor or whoever says "Yeah it is valid" to save them time of really verifying it.
    Also, with the help of Junum, a 2 year old utility bill charge off was removed from both Equifax and Transunion, but Experian claims it was verified. Hmm.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Verified is a lie...

    People have gone as far as calling the person who "VERIFIES" and have been told NOBODY verified with them ever...

    JUST F.Y.I.

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