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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tim, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. Tim

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    What's up with this Bill Bauer guy? What you do isn't illegal is it? I hope not, as I have the utmost respect for you. I actually used a few of your letters on here in an attempt to get a few very old things removed from my credit report. Keep up the good work Sir!

    Bill Bauer:

    Who are you, and what do you do?


    You wrote: "Author: breeze (
    Date: 04-15-01 10:21

    Daddy prolly took away his puter priviledges when his service got cut off. ;)"

    No, I'm still here. Didn't you get the message from Grow up little one, and GET A LIFE. Go into a chatroom to host your little fights.
  2. CD

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    Nothing Illegal

    Rest assured for as long as Iâ??ve frequented this board, even lurking about in recent months. I have never read a post by Lizardking that remotely approaches illegality. Now I havenâ??t always agreed with the tactics mentioned, but that clearly doesnâ??t correlate to conducting impressionable acts. LK may not always be accurate, but I (for one) have never read anything that is punishable by jail! Sooooâ?¦

    â??Ah what we have heya is a failya, a-to communicate!â?? [;-)

    Keep The Faith,
    Anthony Villaseñor,
  3. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: Nothing Illegal

    I agree. It has not been established as a crime punishable by federal law, unless a credit repair firm is involved.

    CRAs often emphasize that doing so may be considered a crime "in some states". There's no doubt in my mind they would not be using that language if they could lawfully assert that it is a FEDERAL crime.

    Having said that, I subscribe to the notion that telling lies to the CRAs is not the way to go, and in practical terms, is not necessary either.

  4. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    THe possibilities

    It is entirely possible that if one uses credit repair techniques involving the making of false statements to clean up one's credit, goes out and runs up a huge bill somewhere and cannot pay, the creditor MIGHT discover (claim) that false statements had been used to repair one's credit, thereby deliberately causing creditor to receive false information which he relied upon to make his credit decisions. In that event, (however unlikely it may be) the debtor could be charged with attempting to defraud the creditor. Such an action would have to be instituted by the creditor, not the credit bureau.

    However remote or unlikely it may be, the possibility might exist and if the possibility exists that criminal prosection MIGHT at some time in the future exist, the individual has the right to refuse to make any statement that MIGHT incriminate him in a court of law. That is part of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution. Regardless of what any law or statute says or does not say, the possibility MIGHT EXIST and one does have the right to refuse to make any statement which MIGHT incriminate him.

    Since it is entirely conceiveable that if if I make a statement which I know or had reason to suspect to be false, such as."it isn't mine" or "the amount is false" or any other statement that might be proven false, then I MIGHT be prosecuted for it in a court of law.

    I MIGHT, I MIGHT, I MIGHT, THERE EXISTS A POSSIBILITY, IT MIGHT HAPPEN. That's enough to cause me to fear possible prosecution at some future date. How do I know what new laws might be passed in the future making me criminally liable for something I did? I can't know that, and neither can anyone else. We are not lawyers and we don't have crystal balls with which to see into the future.

    So since the Constitution gives me the right to refuse to make any statement that MIGHT incriminate me, then why should I do it??? And if someone attempts to use any coercion or intimidation to force or trick me into giving up my constitutional rights, I have grounds to file a violation of civil rights suit. Now which position is the strongest?

    Lying or standing on my civil rights? Even a lizard ought to be able to figure that one out.

    Why use lies, deceit other means which your common sense ought to tell you is wrong when you don't have to?

    The Lizard would rather tell a lie on credit than tell the truth for cash or other valuable consideration.

    Only a fool would do that. If you want to follow the advice of a liar and a proven deadbeat and fools who advise you to do that which you know to be morally and legally wrong instead of doing what you know makes common sense and does not suggest that you do something immoral or that might possibly get you into legal problems, then you are more than welcome to do so.

    In that case, have fun.

    Bill Bauer
  5. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: THe possibilities


    I'll assume, for the sake of argument, that the 5th gives you the right not to give your reasons to the bureau. Why do you conclude that the bureau is legally required to start an investgation if you don't give them SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to suggest the info is inaccurate?

    You suggest that they're required by the law to validate it upon request. What law would that be?

    Furthermore, even if there is some sort of administrative case law suggesting that in some cases validations are required, doesn't the FCRA, providing a specific norm (which is superior to a general norm) of "frivolous or irrelevant", override any other general common law principle which may apply?

    I'm not asking this in order to prove someone wrong, I'm asking it because I really want to know, and am open to new ideas & interpretations.

  6. breeze

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    Re: Grow up little one

    Thanks!! At my age, that's a compliment.

    You're sooooooooooooo Witty. Please, give us more!!

  7. judyputy

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    Bill wrote:

    Once AGAIN I will ask you, Bill, to speak up and tell us the "other" way of doing this without disputing something. How can you start an investigation if you don't dispute something? You continue to tell us that we will all burn in hell or prison for trying to correct our reports as suggested here on this board....but you still have not given any sort of other example to use.


  8. Tim

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    Thanks for the feedback...

    I never thought anything LizardKing was TRULY illegal.

    Just wanted to make sure. This Bill Bauer guy is a crack up.

    CD, so I assume LizardKings letters posed on here are OK to use?


    See you in the chatroom man. We will have another online fight in there sport! HAHAHA
  9. CD

    CD Guest

    LK Letters

    Frankly, I havenâ??t read LKâ??s letters thoroughly enough to comment specifically. Albeit use your own discretion whenever using material obtain from the web, irrespective how credible the source appears. There is LOTS of misinformation out there, certainly enough to warrant real caution. In a general sense, however, LK has demonstrated a sound understanding of goings onâ?¦ If that helps to any degree?

    Keep The Faith,
    Anthony Villaseñor,
  10. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest


    Just in case I said something that might be or might have been misconstrued by anyone.

    I did say and I still maintain that lying to a credit bureau is both morally and legally the wrong thing to do. What would your trusted attorney tell you to do?? Would he advise you to lie to anyone, legal entity or court of law, or private company or corporation?? Would he advise you to lie to anyone under any circumstances?? I don't think so, and if one did, I sure would not want him as my attorney or counselor in any capacity.

    It really makes no difference whether or not a current law prohibits you from lying to anyone or whether or not some hot-shoes prosecutor can or cannot find some law to prosecute you or not, and it makes absolutely no difference whether Lizard King's or anyone elses thories are legal or illegal, the burning bush question still remains, "Do you want to trust anyone who blatently tells you that it's all right to lie simply because you can get away with it as far as s/he knows?"

    If you are willing to accept that kind of information, then I have the Hope Diamond and I'd like to sell it to you real cheap. Never mind that it is threaded and tapped so that it will fit on your bathroom hot water faucet. That's just a minor convenience that you really ought to enjoy to it's fullest potential.

    Additionally, I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Just imagine what you could do with that. Why you could just put up a toll gate and charge everybody who passes over it a fee to cross your bridge.

    Bill Bauer
  11. Saar

    Saar Banned


    It is unfortunate that instead of using the opportunity to answer my question (above), you spent so much bandwidth preaching against doing things I never advocated doing.


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