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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Mar 21, 2001.

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    Hi, I reposted your reply down below my msg since it has alredy scrolled a few pages.. my questions are this based on your reply:

    You say to write a short letter explaining they are duplicates. From what I can read on the CR, it seems obvious the CR KNOWS they are DUPS.. they list the debts with comments such as:

    Original Creditor XXX
    Collectoin Agency XYZ Bought XXX
    Collection Agency YYY Bought XXX

    ..and this happens for 2-3 of the lines. Now which do I challenge, the collection agencies? Don't they have a right to report these?

    You also site the law.. can you quote which part of the FCRA states this? Maybe I can use this as part of my letter and to have them remove those because of this..

    To be specific, the companies doing this are: NCO, Coldata, Cavalry, and one other collection agency..

    I also wanted to clarify that none of these chargeoffs have been paid.

    Thanks again LK..

    Duplicates are the same account being reported more than one. For example, the original creditor and the collection company both listing the same debt as a negative. By law it can only be there one time. Otherwise a 3rd potential creditor might think you owe $10,000 in defaulted debt, when in reality you only owe $5,000 in defaulted debt. You are only 1/2 of the deadbeat that your credit report is portraying you as.

    Thus, if you can demonstrate to Equifax and the others that they are the same account, they should delete the newer one. They should leave the older one. The older one should have the correct date for the 7 year time limit. It is up to you to make sure that it is showing properly. Nobody else is going to watch out for your rights.

    To dispute it, write a simple and short letter, to the CRA, claiming that they are duplicates. Include a copy of your credit report and highlight the duplicates. Clearly explain which one should be deleted.

    I had two duplicates. They were the first things to come off. It was easy. It happened on round 1 of my dispute process.
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    Re: lizardking: duplicates aga

    Oh, also can you take a look at my msg titled: Chexsystems, any experience? And see if you have input with them? Thx again..
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    Re: lizardking: duplicates aga

    I had the same problem. One collection agency sold it to another one and both were showing up. I wrote a letter and said the info was a duplicate and they deleted BOTH. Hey, I can deal with that TOO! Just write them.

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