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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Christi, Mar 28, 2001.

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    I disputed a couple of accounts with Experian. They came back verified (go figure). So I sent validation letters to the collection agency and as of yet 24 days, they have been unable to produce anything. In the meantime, I sent Experian a certified/RR letter asking for a description of how they verified the information and requesting an updated copy of my report. This is what they sent me back. One page that says "We have already investigated this information and the credit grantor has verified the accuracy. Then is says if you are not satisfied with the investigation you have the right to contact the creditor directly or request we add a statement to your credit report" (which would be useless).
    So now what do I do? They did NOT give me what I asked for.
    I am so damn disgusted with these people. They will NEVER be able to verify this information, the collection agency nor the original creditor can verify it. It is truly and honestly NOT my account.

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    Re: LIzardking...I need your h

    What would my grounds be? I'm gonna wait and see what the collection agency comes back with, but on the phone they told me that have no information on me and the original creditor has none. Experian is pissing me off royally, they won't even give me how they verified this and don't they HAVE to?


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