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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kim, Mar 28, 2001.

  1. kim

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    I have a question since you are a credit Guru.

    I have been in dispute with a creditor for a year now trying to get an account off my credit report. They haven't sent me any information stating that this account was originally mine. All they keep sending me is that they have received my inquiry and forwarded it to billing department. So today I got fed up and called the department and tried to discuss this account. They rep told me that she will try to pull the application and send me a copy or if it's not available send me a letter stating that. I told her that was unexceptable but this has gone on for a year and why hasn't then been removed from my credit report. She stated to me that I have 90 days to dispute and account and since it has been since 94 and I'm just now disputing it that they didn't have to remove it from my credit report and if any cra's did remove it would be back on my credit report with in a year. Now my question is can the CRA take so long to validate that information and is it true that since the account was opened in 94 and I just started disputing is last year that the creditor doesn't have to take it off my credit report???

  2. kim

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    Re: Lizardking Or everyone els

    Well it sort of a long story but here goes the account was my grandmothers acct Household bank and i was an authorized user on the acct. My grandmother has since then passed away. That documentation was forwarded to them as well. They just initially put the account in my name showing me as the primary account holder which was not the case I was just an authorized used sounds illegal to me.

    True I have taken a long time to dispute these accounts because now I know that they are hurting my credit and that disputing information helps a lot since i have been trying to rebuild my credit.

    Anyway, i have just started disputing these accounts through the creditors just last year some creditors removed the information and household bank never repled to me so i sent follow up letters then they replied with a letter in april of last year that they received my inquiry and that they were researching it from then i heard nothing else. so then i disputed it thru trans and they took it off then i disputed thru experian and they verifed it so i decided to send household letters again and they replied back with the same letter they sent april of last year. This time I got fed up and called. The first rep hung up on me, the second rep said she would look into it, then the third rep was the one that she would try to get a copy of the application and it would take about 7-14 days and if she was unable to do so she would send a letter. She also stated that they didn't have to take it off my credit report and that prev reps tried to get a copy of the app but were unsuccessful, i asked then why are you trying again this procedure is unexceptable. She she stated that was all she could do. I want these off my credit report I'm not responsible for them why they turned around and put the account in my name was just illegal to me. Then the rep telling me i should have disputed this back in 94 and why did i wait so long was unnessary.

    What else can be done about this??
  3. AnnMarie

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    I'm thinking....

    that unless YOU signed an agreement with them, they have not a leg to stand on. Make them prove you have an obligation to them.
  4. Lisa

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    Re: I'm thinking....

    Well, sad to say my father used the card after his mother died. I didn't know I was primary account holder until I saw it on my credit report. Is that a legal contract with out my knowledge and me not signing anything or advising that over the phone.

    There is a charge off balance on my credit report and I haven't gotten any information concerning the account they have sent me any information regarding this acct. So I couldn't tell you when the account was actually closed and when the last activity was. I believe the last time a purchased was made was the end of the year after my grandmother died.

    Is there anyway possible i can get this taken off my credit reports
  5. Lisa

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    Re: I'm thinking....

    I just spoke with my mother she tried calling as if she were me to she what she could get done and she said the rep told her that i had called in numerous times and there wasn't anything else that they could do for me due but to try and pull the app and if not sent a letter stating such. Other than that there was nothing else they could do for me and by law they didn't have to remove it from my credit report.

    My mother said try to send a letter stating to sue and write a letter to the cra's disputing the account and send them copies of the letter they sent you and to include also what you were told by the reps as well when i called.

    Do you think this will help???
  6. Cadillac408

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    You stated that your dad charged on the card after your grandma died, correct? Well did he pay for those charges? What about your charges? Did you make any on the account and did you pay for them? What is the current balance?

    I am in a similar situation. There is a chargeoff from Household from a GM Mastercard that my ex had w/ a $500 limit. He added me on as AU WITHOUT MY CONSENT and I gave him the card back and NEVER USED IT. I knew how irresponsible he was with credit, etc. and I didn't want to have any part in it. How they got my SSN anyway and reported it on my credit was just plain wrong! I tried to call them and they wouldn't hear a word I said. I got it deleted on my own off of 1 report (Experian and it's not on TransUnion or Equifax) but I think it reappeared? I'm not sure if Junum has gotten it off again or what. I would have to check my reports. Can't remember off the top of my head.
  7. Cadillac408

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    What's this about blocking future attempts of items being added back to your reports after deletion? How did you do that? Cloaked and Filtered, huh? What's that all about?
  8. Lisa

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    Re: I'm thinking....

    There are two accounts one for:

    3000 other for
    2000 as stated on my credit reports I believe that's why they are hesitant to remove them. They are trying to scam me into paying for something that's not my account. I just going to send them a letter threating to sue they couldn't have to much info since they could send me any then I going to dispute them through the cra's again and send the information the send me in reply to me requests.

    I have a few more questions for you if you don't mind.

    I have inquires on my credit report that I want to dispute how far should i go back to dispute inquires?? Then if i had disputed accounts with a cra within the last 45 days should I send a dispute for credit inquires or request for redisputing a verified account or should I wait until 90 days has passed

    Also i have accounts i'm disputing as well should I send all disputes together or send 2 seperate letters??

    Also, is it easy or hard to dispute hospital accounts or new collection accounts??

    One last question can you get accounts removed that you have paid off and they were closed at the grantors request??? because they hurt your credit as well i see

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