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    I have a question regarding my credit please please!!!! I am so fed up with these creditors I need your advice, Igoingt o send letters to BBB and Attorney General as well. I'm going to do whatever it takes now!!!

    I have inquires on my credit report that I want to dispute how far should i go back to dispute inquires?? Then if i had disputed accounts with a cra within the last 45 days should I send a dispute for credit inquires or request for redisputing a verified account or should I wait until 90 days has passed

    Also i have accounts and inquires i'm disputing as well should I send all disputes together or send 2 seperate letters??

    Also, is it easy or hard to dispute hospital accounts or new collection accounts??

    One last question can you get accounts removed that you have paid off and they were closed at the grantors request??? because they hurt your credit as well i see

    Thanks for all you help I really appreciate it!!!! Your the GURU YEAH!!! I plan to sue there PANTS OFF IF THEY DON"T GET THIS RESOLVED IN 30 DAYS
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    Re: Lizardking PLEASE PLEASE H

    Man Lizardking, you're rocking!

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