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    Lizard, I got the forms from the courthouse in MD, it only costs around $20.00 to file a lawsuit in District Court, here is how I wrote my complaint against Equifax, I want you to read it if you don't mind, and give me your opinions. Anyone else, feel free to give me theirs also. Also, is their any specific section of law I should quote, or will ECIS, and the judge know what I mean. Here is the complaint:

    Equifax Credit Information Services, (herein after ECIS) has been maintaining 3 or 4 seperate credit files in my name and social security number. I have pointed out the problem to ECIS on numerous occasions, and their response is that there is too much volume to consolidate the credit files, when in actuality, the files contain pretty much the same information.

    ECIS has also been maintaining incorrect derogatory credit information on me. When I file a dispute with ECIS, as is my right under the FCRA, the incorrect derogatory items come back as verified. I contact the creditor whom put the negative on ECIS's database, and they send me a confirmation letter that it was a mistake, and that they have requested ECIS to remove the incorrect information. ECIS refuses to remove the information, as it always comes back verified. I disputed the same items every 90 days in hopes that ECIS would get their act together, however it always comes back as verified.

    My last dispute was sent with the proof from the creditors, and was sent in November of 2000. To this date, the items in question are STILL listed on my ECIS report, and it further states that they are STILL under investgation. The FCRA allows for a 30 day investigation, here it has been almost 6 months, and they are still investigating.

    ECIS is clearly in violation if the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I discussed my situation with Mrs. Pat Lyon at the consumer affiars office at Equifax last May, she advised the problem would be corrected, to date it has not.

    I am seeking $5000 in damages, for violations of the FCRA, and for ECIS's malicious and willful negligence, that has caused me higher interest rates due to the incorrect negative information, and credit denials, due to their clear inability to maintain accurate data.

    Thats it, I'm no expert at law, if anyone can suggest a different way at wording it..feel free to suggest something to me. I am tired at getting screwed by Equifax. I am taking a stand.

    Does anybody know equifax's corporate address, so I can have them served? It has to be a physical address. Thanks for any and all suggestions.


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