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    Any ideas how I can raise my credit score by 100 points? I would say mine is probably 500 or below now because of too many inquiries to get credit cards. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for your help. I see you must be my neighbor you live in Hillsborough County I believe I read? I live in Pinellas.
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    I haven't actually checked my score. I'm not about to pay Equifax $12.95 for it either. I was speculating. As when we applied for our new car in 4/2000 our scores were between 520-560. Since then the chargeoffs are older, and my other auto loan is paid in full. However, when I received the credit reports, I noticed that there are 11 inquiries in 2001, and 16 inquiries in 2000. Somehow I think these would have a substanial effect on the credit score wouldn't they?
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    Thanks for all your advice and help! I am composing my letter to Equifax right now. Btw, every one of the inquiries I listed are since 3/2000. That is 28 inquiries in 12 months. That must really hurt. Otherwise, I have no derogatory credit information on my report since 9/99, other than a 30 day late on my mortgage payment which occured on 12/2000.
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    Re: Lizardking
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    Date: 03-22-01 07:24

    Yes, they would. Anything in the last 6 months hurts you a lot. They still have an effect when 6 to 12 months old. After 12 months, almost no effect. Stays on report for 2 years.

    Get copies of all 3 credit reports and try disputing them. If the inquiries are the main thing bring you down, don't apply for any credit for 6 month. Then try to refinance. Dispute the current inquiries for now until you do refinance. You can't get hurt by trying.

    Reply To Message = Inquires shoulden't even be on credit reports=They infringe on ones rights to shop around for the best terms and interfer with your ability to best manage your assets! Why Should any one be penalized for looking out for their best interest?
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    If what Melissa said is true, 28 inquiries would lower the score by 216! That would be so damaging that I am lucky to even get a Cross Country Bank Credit Card!
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    How many inquiries should I dispute at one time?
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    you seem to be an expert at disputing information on yur credit reports. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is it ok to dispute inquires if you just disputed some inaccurate accounts with in the last 30 days? Also how far should you go back when disputing inquires?

    2. Is is ok to dispute inaccurate accounts and inquires in the same letter?


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