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  1. Shaw

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    Here are the details you wanted. I have 12 inquiries(hard)between 4-27-00 and 2-12-00 form a collection agency in reference to an account that was Charged off 12-94. I believe this may be Equifax's own collection agency. They show as REA-ERM.
    I have 12 items on my credit to date. Three of them are correct(not a very good average eh? :p) Two pays as agreed/1 repossession(voluntary but listed as non).
    I have 4 charge offs listed as OPEN with dates of last activity ranging from 7-94 to 4-97.
    I have 3 accounts showing as "120+days" past due with last activity dates ranging from 10-94 to 4-96. One of these accounts is also a double of another account that is being reported as "revolving" with 1 "30 day"1 "60 day",and 9 "90 day" lates,date of last activity 12-95.
    1 showing revolving 120 days past due date of last activity 6-94.
    2 showing installment listed as 120 days past due dates of last activity being 4-96 and 9-95,these are also doubles of one another,together showing (besides 2 120 days :p ) a combined of 1 "60 day" and 5 "90 day" lates.
    Not hard to see why I would be a willing proponenet of the DARK SIDE EH?

    Sincerely Shaw

    P.S. Momof3 I read your post on incorrect dating on accounts,as you can see someone at the CRAs loves me :p. If you find out anything to quickly resolve such issues lemme know please!
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    Your credit is for the grave. Go bankrupt. My advice to you.
  3. Erica

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    Re: Bankruptcy

    I hear ya' with your situation. Been there, digging out, but I wouldn't file bankruptcy, IMHO. Besides, you didn't really give us alot of info in this thread.

    Good luck with your situation, and since we have similar 'cases' I will be paying close attention to your progress.

  4. Shaw

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    Re: Bankruptcy

    I wouldn't consider bankruptcy for the simple fact that most of the items on my credit are going to fall off in the relitively near future. Whats more I could pay every penny I've ever owed with about $4000 seems kind of a waste to go as drastic as BK for such a small amount. I would gladly pay everything and would've awhile ago,but then they'd just reage the accounts. I learned my lesson after they did that exact thing to me twice!


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