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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by F.F.M, Apr 14, 2001.

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    I read a letter that you used for DMB a few days ago. You also posted with the letter that it solved your problem. I have disputed charges on my account (which they closed b/c.. I refused to pay until they removed the charges and interest) with DMB. It has been over 45-days and I have yet to hear a response. What should I do next to get the problem eradicated?

    FYI... they took my charges off and placed them back on month(s) later...!!! Once I noticed it that's when I refused to pay...!!

    I see a lot of people have had problems with them...!!! DMB SUCKS....!!!
  2. MikeB

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    Yes, DMB sucks.
    Do this.....send a complaint to explaining the problem. Also, send a copy to the Better Business Bureau. I closed my account after I caught them "holding" my payments for days before processing them. They also added charges on my account for their BS services that I never authorized. They even charged me two OTL fees in one week....crazy. They also have a class action lawsuit against them. Also, the woman named Traci Holland from the Executive Response dept. is a liar, so be careful. She sent a letter full of lies to the BBB, and I never heard back from them. Get everything in writing. Good Luck

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    Thanks MikeB

    What Class Action Lawsuit is pending against them? I would LOVE to know....!!!!

    Ohh Yes.. Judy St.Clair, in Fraud, is ALSO a BIG FAT LIAR...!!!!! No One TRUST this Women......!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. MikeB

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    Just go to and do an advanced search using "Direct Merchants Bank" and "class" and "lawsuit".
    Lots of stories.

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    I had Exxon Mastercard and they were issued by GE Capital. They sold card business to Direct Merchants Bank. I heard a lot of bad things bout them over the internet. So I closed out my account two years ago. This year I looked Exxon websites and they sold again to the Associates National Bank. I request to reopen the account again. By the way, Stay away from Direct Merchants Bank.

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    LK... I think I posted the same time you did earlier ....LOL...!!

    About Direct Merchants Banks = DMB....!!!!!!

    Just to make it simple....

    I had an account with them for about 2300 months. I had it almost paid off (230.00). I was late maybe once or twice due to moving while still in college.

    I get my statement 2/??/2000 and I notice about $1800.00 in charges from another state. So, I call them and told them I didn't make those charges. So, They mailed me a FRAUD packet. I NEVER GOT THE FRAUD PACKET..... So, I called them back and requested another Fraud packet.

    3/??/2000 They take off the charges and I resumed paying. I thought everything was fine.

    I moved again (last move) .... I called and requested a change of address. In between receiving my statement I made two check by phones. Then when I get my statement. I noticed they had put the Fraudulent charges back onto my account......!!!! I called and spoke with Judy St. Clair in Fraud. She CLAIMED they never got my Fraud Packet, only my POLICE REPORT that I faxed.....HELLOOOOOOO.....!!!!!!!!!! Then Judy Claims they took all of my charges as total loss and she didn't understand....!!!!!!
    Judy puts me on hold (25 mins) and asks if she can call me back. When she calls she is very defensive and tries to give me some f**k*d up excuse of how or why they could do that .....!!!!!!

    SO... I get a phone call from DMB wanting me to pay. This is with all of the charges....!! I said NO... the charges where fraudulent and I refused to pay until they took them off.

    ***GET THIS******** I get a notice from a Collector with a BRAND NEW account number that says I owe... 1800.00...!!! THIS IS THE TOTAL OF THE FRAUDULENT CHARGES.......!!!!

    To top it off... after refusal to pay. They close my account and add that to My CREDIT REPORT....... owing 2100.00 for the charges I had and the Fraudulent charges...!!!!

    So... They have me owning TWO DMB MasterCard and are charging me twice for fraud charges that total 3600.00.

    My question to you LK is.... After Judy claimrd they never got my affidavit I sent her another affidavit 2/2001. I wrote everything about the whole Problem including the new account that wasn't mine. It has been over 45-days and I have had no response from them at all...!!!!

    What should I do now and what can I sue them for...... I noticed MikeB said they have a class action lawsuit against them?? I would love to find out more about it....!!!! DMB sucks s**t......!!!!!!!!!
  7. F.F.M

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    One More LK...???

    Thanks LK....!!! Just having your input makes me feel better...!!!

    So you are saying.. I do not need to send anything else to follow up...??

    I need to go directly and file a claim against them in Small Claims court.?? If so........ this will be done Monday...!!

    I know this sounds stupid..please excuse me... I have never been to court, young, and learning a lot from Credit Net..LOL... ;-) Do I file this in my county or DMB county?
  8. MikeB

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    Re: One More LK...???

    You might even consider consulting with a lawyer. You are not suposed to be liable for any disputed charges until they prove they are legitimate. Small claims court is a great idea in this case. I wouldn't hesitate filing a lawsuit regarding that much money.

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    Re: One More LK...???

    you file in your county.
  10. F.F.M

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    Re: One More LK...???

    Thanks to everyone for your help....!!!!!!

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