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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. LKH

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    Got 'em again. I received an answer re: my complaint with the state banking dep't today. This was addressed to the state banking dep't., and they sent me a copy.

    Dear Mr. ......

    Thank you for your recent correspondence re:the above noted account. Your fax dated Oct. 15, 2001 was forwarded to my office for review and a prompt reply.
    I have read LKH's complaint and researched the matter. The above account was purchased in Dec. of 99. The account was placed with Northshore Agency for servicing in May of 2001. LKH disputed the acct. with Northshore. Northshore in turn sent LKH a closed letter stating that they were closing their files regarding this account. The account was then sent back as a disputed account. The letter LKH received from Northshore in no way indicates this item would be deleted from his credit report by gulf state.

    In an attempt to resolve this matter amicably(yeah right I had them on mucho violations), we will close our files re: this acct. A UDF will be sent ato the big 3 deleting this item from LKH's credit report. The account is also statused ZDIS. This status code is also used by the cra's when updating credit info. This code identifies this account to be deleted from the consumer credit profile. Gulf State will not send LKH a notarized letter stating that this item will be removed or will not reappear as we cannot be responsible for cra errors.

    etc. etc. etc.

    If it should by error reappear, I will send a copy of this to the cra's advising them that gulf state is blaming them and I WILL file suit.
  2. breeze

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    Way to go!!!
  3. supershawn

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    Nice way to start the weekend!

  4. MartysGirl

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    That's GREAT LKH...

    I just sent my letter off to them today regarding Gulf State...!! I hope everything goes as good for me..!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me. ;-)

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