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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bohemian, Mar 26, 2001.

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    LKH, I called the Capital One Consumer Advocate number that was sent to me after filing a complaint with Planet Feedback. The Advocate was not in today, but I spoke with a very nice lady who #1 credited back the Privacy Gaurd that was added to my account, #2 credited back $50 in Bounced online payment fees, #3 credited back $50 in overlimit fees, #4 and removed all finance charges for the month of February. #5 Not only that, but after fighting them for 8 months for a credit line increase, she raised my credit line by $200. I am finally back below my limit and have a little extra to show for it. This has been a true mess since January, and I thought that I would never see the end of it, thank you for posting your experience.
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    Your point is very accurate, these companies bombard you with phone calls (like privacy guard), and then end up charging you overlimit fees (CapOne is notorious). I believe they have nerve doing that to someone with a subprime card (i.e. low credit limit) , knowing they have little or no available credit based on the low credit line, and then tack on privacy guard which amazingly posts at a time when your near your limit thus taking you over your limit. There is something suspect about these "extras" which are offered...they clearly ending up costing you extra, that's for sure.

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    a tip about the telemarketing


    You can have your name removed from telemarketing lists completely, or selectively here:

    Listen, y'all, I am an insurance agent, and I work in one of the call centers where they do this. Where I work is very ethical, but that is not true for every call center.

    Never, ever, give out information to these folks unless you want the offer. Some of the call centers do not monitor their reps, and if the rep has the information they need, they put the sale through even though you said "no" to the offer. Some of them get you to give the info under the guise of "updating your file." No CC company is going to call you to update your file. Don't fall for it.

    If you don't want anything, just say "no thank you" and then HANG UP!!!

    BTW, if any of you took any the JCPenney insurance offers, you might have talked to me, hehe.

    I guess y'all won't speak to me anymore, huh? Really, we are very ethical and we sell good insurance products. :)

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    Someone tried that yesterday!

    They called to say I had WON a bit ticket pass to Busch Gardens and all the parks in the group. I said well, I live 20 minutes from there and I went so many times I don't feel like going anymore. OH it's FREE he says...just need to verify all the info we have. I said fine.. whatever you have that's good. Leave whatever you have down as correct. Oh, but I have to ask you each things and verify it.

    NOPE. Don't fell like it Buh-bye. I don't update anything anymore.

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    REGARDING "FREE"...the ski resorts in COLORADO always call for free weekend for time share or look at condos or some sort of place...I say fine, what kind of transportation do you provide from my house, they say you just drive, I say then it isn't free is it??? bye bye!!!
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    Great! I told you they were really good to deal with at the ca. Well worth the email and phone call.
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    Re: Someone tried that yesterd

    Exactly!! Those kinds of tactics are sooooooo transparent.

    Where I work, they will actually, physically, take the person off the phone and escort them out the door right that minute for something like that.

    If they didn't they would lose the JCPenney account - they are super strict about how they are represented to the public.


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