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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by brian71, Aug 4, 2003.

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    Well, my loan rehab process is complete, YAY! After a year pf perfect payments, they sent me all the paperwork last month to finalize my Loan Rehab application. I followed up with them a couple of times (NYHESC) and they seemed to be on top of things.

    Today in the mail I got my 'welcome letter' from NELNET (whom I have already researched for about an hour and a half, LOL, registered on their website, etc.) I plan on NEVER EVER EVER being late on a payment, even if it *kills* me !

    Anyways, I am *starting* to see some dropoffs and improvements in my CRs as a result of this NELNET taking over the loan, though the biggest CR gains are yet to come. I am going to work with the student loan companies (prior loan lendors) to see if I can expedite things or sweet talk them into removing more derogatory information than they are required to by law.

    Anyways, I am really excited that my *fresh start* has begun, and YAY! :D

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