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    My spouse and I have not the best credit, and well his is better than mine, he has 4-5 good accounts, one is paid in full, the others are Credit cards opened accounts, he has one charge off and 2 in collection from 96. We are trying to get a 5000K loan to consolidate our bills the credit cards mainly, we just want to get off this every month paying so many bills and get rid of them. Anyone know of a bank who will take any sort of risk? We can pay at least 400 every month for 24 months, that puts us way over the 5000 mark but with interest and all, I was hoping we could get a break from someone. Please let me know. Thanks
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    You can do a search on consolidation loans--but you might want to beware doing that--I know one of our customers at work consolidated and she was turned down for a line of credit since the loan type apparently turned up on her report and the lender won't touch someone that has used that method.
    I had about the same balance (more actually) and I just made large payments. It goes down quickly if you stick to it and if you're on time you can get your interest rates reduced too.
    good luck

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