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    I just called TU to argue about 5 inquiries showing up on my report in the past 2 days. First thing the rep said was that "It seems you are locked by our Priority Department"...What the hell is this!!

    I asked him what the hell is this "Priority Departmant?"...he said it was locked because of either something with a mortgage or loan or something...

    I think it is because I contacted TU management last month and argued with them for about a week before I got the results I wanted...reinsertion of positive tradelines and reaged accounts deleted, now I'm in a Priority Department!

    I have no mortgage or outstanding loan, nothing. Should I contact my TU contact that handled my case last month and start bitching? Has anyone heard of this "Priority Departmant?"... How do I get out of it?

    Maybe this is why TU did not investigate my dispute last month. not at all...
    Do I have a recourse I could take?
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    Call your contact. You are now a proud member of the "special handling" department :)

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