Lost card ..ok how bad is this

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Lisa, Apr 11, 2001.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    I accepted the cap. 1 pre-approved gold offer about a 5 weeks ago. Sent the info online then called 2 weeks ago to check the status the account was indeed set up and the card was sent out. A bill came today, no charges just membership fee, but I never got the card. The bill was postmarked the 9th so I got it in 2 days the card's 2 weeks late. I called today and they canceled the first card and they're sending another.
    Is this going to look bad on my report?
    I think it was George that said "loosing" a card reflects poorly to creditors.
  2. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    Re: Lost card ..ok how bad is

    Well, you really didn't loose the card, so I think it would be unfair of them to annotate it as such.

    Check w/ them and see how they're going to handle it. If nothing was charged and they weren't owed anything, it should be a moot point. (i.e. no harm to them, so you shouldn't be harmed either)

  3. sam

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    Re: Lost card ..ok how bad is

    My credit card was stolen, a capital 1 secured card. To make the story short, they deleted the old card # from my reports and created a new entry (same start date as original) and posted it to my reports.
  4. VJ

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    Re: Lost card ..ok how bad is

    Although they say it has no fico effect,it doesn't mean it won't if they change the rules next month.Lost card stays on report for 2 years.There are other scoring models
    that do account for lost cards.
    Dispute it with CRA's as I never received the card so how can I lose it and get ready for an adventure.
  5. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Re: Lost card ..ok how bad is

    Thanks.... I think I'm worried for nothing (I tend to do that)I dont think the card was reported in the first place, too new, why would they report an account that was never active.

    The thing that got me... she told me to pay this bill
    with the old account # and they would credit my new account
    but I think I'll wait it out.
    If I have to fight I will
  6. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: Lost card ..ok how bad is

    the security and fraud department of cap 1 is superb. They credited a few charges (not all were fraudulent) off my old account, which i had just paid online. Then transferred the fraudulent charges to the new account automatically. They called me in between to interview me regarding the incident. I did need to send in a certified letter documenting the issue, but i doubt that will occur with you.

    Very professional people. Good security. I tried to cash advance (over my daily limit) twice, and said screw it, they called me in like 5 minutes with their fraud prevention team.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: Lost card ..ok how bad is

    MY STATEMENT ABOUT A "LOST" CARD...Credit card companies ASSUME you lost it...NOT that it was LOST IN THE MAIL...

    I tried to get a credit card company to report the LOST CARD as "LOST BY POST OFFICE" they said they can't do that, even if it was true.

    I told them that other credit card companies ASSUME the card was lost by me...
    They were TIRED of me, so they said they would remove the account, they did!!!
  8. PSUgirl

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    My cap1visa was stolen!

    my capital one visa was stolen, a secured account, had about 150+ already charged on it, from me. when the card was stolen, i reported it, they sent me out a new card, and deleted every previous charge that was on my account, even the ones that i claimed was mine, i dont know why! Im not complaining, it was a balance that i didnt have to pay. I ended up with a credit balance of 11.+

    I still hate capone for not reporting limits though!
  9. worried

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    Re: My cap1visa was stolen!

    My husband had a lost and stolen card on his TU report, but it listed it as an account with no derogatory remarks. It did not harm his credit score.

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