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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Angela, Mar 5, 2001.

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    When I accepted an offer for a credit card a couple of years ago I never received it. I called the company and they sent me a replacement. On my CRA reports a lost or stolen card designation is there. This really pisses me off. Isn't the SOL on this 2 years. I want to get rid of this. Anyone know anything about the SOL.
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    Re: Lost or stolen card design

    When I lost my Discover Card they also assigned a lost/stolen tradeline. Mine is on their for 7 years. I believe it enables the company to keep the accounts straight. It is annoying, but I do not think it works against your credit. Hope this helps.

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    My trouble trying to remove

    I have been fighting a couple of lost/stolen cards on my reports. I had my wallet stolen twice in a one year. First in Memphis, TN in 4/99 and then again while on vacation in Las Vegas 4/00. It turns out that even though some of them were clearly listed as lost/stolen they were also listed as open. Zero balances, never late.

    I disputed them a total of three, BankFirst, Cap 1, and Wards.
    BankFirst listed both stolen and the current account, Wards listed both stolen and the current account and Cap 1 listed one of the stolen and the current. (The Cap 1 was charged off 2/98 so they charged off both.)
    I havenâ??t had much luck getting all of them off.

    BankFirst removed the 4/99 stolen but keep the 4/00, the kicker is that in 2/01 they reported it as a charge off of $38.00. I called BankFirst and Trans Union to have it removed. (Iâ??m waiting for revised report.)

    Wards removed the 4/99 stolen but keep the 4/00. I have a letter from Wards dated 11/00 stating that they sent the CRAâ??s a request to removal the last stolen card but as of 3/01 it is still there. (Currently in dispute)

    Cap 1 I settled on the charge off, asked to have the stolen card removed due to the fact it was replaced by the charged off account. All I got was the stolen card is now listed as lost/stolen, no balance, no past due but the CRA stated that if a stolen card was past due at the time it was reported stolen it will stay on the report for 5 years. (Currently in dispute.)

    According to the CRAâ??s a lost/stolen card can stay on a report up to two years. They want future creditors to see if you run up a balance or charge off a card then call in and say, â??oh my card was stolenâ?. If a real live person pulls your report it could hurt you. As in my case, I showed three of six accounts as lost/stolen.

    I know they are a pain, and take up room on your report but try to get them removed. The ideal credit report should only show current accounts and closed accounts.

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    Re: My trouble trying to remov

    I TOLD THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES TO DELEATE THE "LOST OR STOLEN" credit card off my credit reports because it was being use against me even thought the POST OFFICE LOST IT, NOT ME!!!




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