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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sorin, Feb 2, 2001.

  1. Sorin

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    Hi all,

    My wife managed to lost her wallet today with all her cards in it. She is an authorized user on all my accounts, so practically all our credit accounts had to be declared lost/stolen. I almost laughed when I saw how scared she was :))) Anyway, besides the comic part, the situation lead to an interesting comparison between the CS ddepartments of 5 common card issuers:

    - Discover: waited on hold for about 1 minute, free overnight delivery (this is one of the Platinum benefits, the classic doesn't have it)
    - Citibank: no waiting, free overnight delivery
    - MBNA: about 5 minutes on hold, 10 bucks for FedEx expedited delivery
    - Associates: about 30 sec on hold, no expedited delivery of any kind, rep tried to sell my some card protection program
    - Providian: about 1 minute on hold, 12 bucks for 2nd day delivery, rep tried to make me transfer some balances at 18.9 APR... yeah right. Plus he spoke a very strange English.

    So the winner is Citibank (again)...

    Hope this helps with your choice of cards :)))
  2. John Shimm

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    You didn't actually PAY for ANY overnite delivery fees, did you?
  3. Sorin

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