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  1. Kat

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    Ok, I haven't been here in a couple of years. My question is this. It's been a rough year, which has resulted in collection accounts. One CA has sent a letter to my husbands employer asking for contact info. I'm ready now to communicate with these agencies, but I'm not sure how to start. How does one know if the debt has actually been bought from the OC? If it has, can I still try to deal with the OC?
  2. tryinhard

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    IT is better for you to deal with the CA rather then the Original Creditor because they are bound by the laws of FDCPA and the original creditor isnt, I would send validation request to the CA and make them prove that you owe them.
  3. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    If it has, can I still try to deal with the OC?

    Can you deal on something that isn't owned by the party you're trying to deal with?


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