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    I just got hubbys credit report. LOWES looks real bad!!! It has a 90 late, 3 60 lates 8 30 lates. It is a small account which he felt he didn't owe in the first place. Instead of just paying it he decided to make itty bitty payments, late etc. His limit was 150 and they have him owing 155.00 . Opened in 1997. Sad huh??? Anyway, what I want to know is should I call LOWES and offer to pay it off completely and ask to have it removed. Do I have a chance in He** of that happening?? Would I do better to dispute it or something?

    Paying it isn't the question. I will pay it in full today! I just need this removed and know that I can't dispute it as not his because he has made regular (itty bitty) payments on it.

    Please advise me of what to do here!


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