macys approved for $100 now $200

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jtw, May 17, 2001.

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    I have applied 3 times for a macy's acct. First time in late march or april, they pulled trans union and it was declined. 2nd time applied online they pulled equifax and was turned down again, disputed some items on my equifax report and got 1 derog removed, only other negative was a paid collection which is due for deletion in Oct of this year. I applied online and rec'd message that needed further processing. The next day I checked my email and found an email from macy's saying my application was approved and if I had any questions to call. I called to inquire about my new account and it's credit limit. They told me approved for only $100. So today I called and spoke to a supervisor and asked why I got only $100 she said because of numerous inquires and maxed out on some of my accounts. I tried to smooth it over by saying that some of the inquiries were due to a new car purchase and that was true and also that I had another acct with them Lazarus which also started me out at $100. I told her I had made all payments on time and she saw that I had and that it also started out at $100 and now is at $900 in just under a year's time. I told her I would like a $200 or $300 limit to start, she said as a supervisor she could raise my limit to $200 I was hoping she would say $300 but I am pleased I got the account. She also said that after 3 ontime payments I can call back and they will raise to $500. I know on my lazarus acct I call every after every 3rd month and I get another $200, sometimes during xmas I call and get another $200 without waiting another 3 mos. They tend to say yes alot during xmas. But I have finally..... gotten a macy's card. What's been your experience???
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    In 1992 I was attending a Junior College and you know how it is. They have booths set up all over for applying for credit cards. I applied for Citibank and Macys. Citibank offered me their secured card and I accepted w/ a $300 deposit. Macy's issued me a card w/ $300 limit. My credit report had nothing on it at the time but some inquiries. There was a Mervyn's chargeoff from when a family member fraudulently used my account (got it when I was 15 and used it a few times and then filed the card away) and hid the bill, etc. I had to file afidavids w/ Mervyns but I got it off.

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