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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saar, Apr 21, 2001.

  1. Saar

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    In a recent post, we discussed how to inflate limits so as to report a "high balance" that's close enough to the actual limit.

    One of the best ideas, in my view, was MJ's. She offered to purchase a plane ticket online thorugh Continental/AA that can be returned online for a full refund. Can easily show as a $5K-$7.5K high balance.

    I believe the same can be done with Macy's. They offer a "Premier" card, which is much better for building limits. To get it, you have to spend $500-$1000 on the (lower rank) "preferred" card, and then you can have it upgraded. Say you buy 2-4 items, ~$250 each, w/ the preferred card. Just pay it off after each purchase and regain the available credit. When done (after, say 20 days), convert to the Premier and return the merchandise.

    Not only is Macy's very lenient with returns, but the items that were purchased w/ a Macy's card can be returned even without receipts. In fact they've just accepted a returned item that I purchased over 3 months ago w/ no problem at all.

  2. mj

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    WHOA!!! (MJ is a boy, but hey, no offense)...

    Return too much and you will have your account tagged as a frequent returner (it's internal, not a credit bureau thing)-- which could lead to account closure, or worse, security coming over to the register to see if you're running a scam.

    Stick with my original idea and don't do it frequently.

  3. Saar

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    Sorry, a boy it is :)

    I doubt a couple of returns would trigger anything. Of course, you could always have one of two transactions serve as a true purchase. And BTW, they're running a few attractive sales right now.

  4. sulliman

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    Having worked in the operations aspect of a major DS, frequent returns or returning big ticket items will get you noticed by store management and security. I don't know if it marks your credit account but it does get you noticed.

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