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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShyGuy, Jan 19, 2001.

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    In your post about Chevron and Juniper, you mentioned you have a Macy's card. Is that from before the BK? If not, how long after discharge did you get it?

    I was discharged last April, and I'd wouldn't mind a Macy's card again. All of my Federated cards expect Rich's were closed (during CCCS) and paid well before the BK. (I used to be a very good FDS customer.)

    Rich's wasn't touched by CCCS or BK. It's old but open. (At least, that's what the CRAs say.) But there isn't a Rich's anywhere near here -- and it doesn't offer online shopping. Plus, who knows what address is on the card. I'm afraid to call and update my address because I fear they'll close the account. Still, I'll love to make active again because it would be a 15-year-old credit line. Anyone with any thoughts on this?


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    Good to hear from you shyguy!!

    The Macy's and Robinsons- May cards were the only 2 tradelines to survive the BK. I got both accounts in the early 80'sand get this canceled them for convenience in 1996 just before my injury. In 1998, I reopened them as I was going belly up but before any delinquencies appeared on my credit reports.

    On the day I filed BK (Nov 98), I had zero balances on the accounts. Therefore no mention of them was made in the BK. I have carried a balance every month since then to rebuild credit. I was lucky that both accounts were not cancelled because both lenders have done a soft inquiry on me every 2 months or so. I am sure this has nothing to do with extending me more credit.

    Macy's in particular is a good card to have because Experian has a section of the credit report that shows 2 years worth of transactions for certain accounts that report to them. Macy's is always there. Robinsons is not for some reason. Experian is the big CRA here in southern CA.
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    RE: Macy's question for Jim (p

    Macy's credit dept. is superb! In early 1998 I went through a rough patch and was 90? days late on my macy's account. They closed my account and I immediatley went down there and paid it off (didn't want it closed w/ a balance). In 10/00 I was scrounging around for good trades along w/ cleaning up my credit. I called Macy's and basically threw myself at their mercy. Stated that I would like to have my account re-opened, it was my first card, blah blah blah. The rep (some credit specialist from FDS in AZ) stated that I had to show her proof that I paid 3 collections and that my Perkins student loan (reporting current 120 days late or something) was transfered to someone else and my report just didn't reflect it. I faxed her copies of all the stuff and she reopened my account w/ a $200 limit (was $300). was better than nothing! I was asking for $100 limit!

    So, I would suggest calling Macy's and telling them your story on how you paid the account off through CCCS (leave out the BK of course) and see what they say? Ask them what you have to do to get a card? They will transfer you to the credit dept. I would give you the name of the girl that helped me but I just looked around for those documents that I faxed her and I can't find them and I don't remember her name :-(

    When I go home, I'll look around there. She was really nice!

    Also, I might add......when they re-opened my account, they wiped out all the lates and still kept the original date first opened of 2/93! HA!
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    I forgot to mention that

    the 2 accounts show as if they have been open from the early 80's with no disruption.

    Last May I took out a secured credit union loan that I have since paid off. This loan is separate from the credit union visa accounts I have. When the girl (she was sweet and did not know any better) pulled my Experian report she showed me the FICO score. It was already 640 up from 530 in March 1999 when the Ford dealer showed it to me. Having 15+ year old accounts probably helped quite a bit.

    If you have credit now, I would try and reopen the account. Good luck.
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    RE: Macy's question for Jim (p

    Call Macy's/FDS, and ask to speak w/ Mike from Credit Grant Dept. Even if you don't get what you want right away, he'll tell you what you need to do. If he asks who sent you, tell him you suffer from oblivion :)

    (I don't have his phone # right now, but shouldn't be too difficult to get it).


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